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Utter is an experimental electronic duo based in Mexico City, formed in the late summer of 2022 by composers Simon Balthazar (SE) and Tom Kearney (US). Intended as a one-off performance for the opening of an art exhibition, it quickly turned into an ongoing collaboration. Utter have been performing regularly at galleries and underground parties, and made their first festival appearance in April 2023.

Using a palette of sampling, live vocals and synthesis, Utter's improvised performances oscillate across a spectrum which encompasses the ethereal, the noisy and the industrial. The duo incorporate pounding drum machines, sanity-defying sequencing, and a theatrical sensibility.

Reach Utter at hola@utter.band

Utter 1
Utter 2

Photos by Oliver Victoria
Assistance by Imani Van Oosterhout
Styling by Sexy Primes